Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monochrome Manhood Studies

Good model series, indoors and out.

Narrow, contrast light accent for just the right effect.

Lovers in stunning dark background contrast.
Subdued color for model, with bland prop and backdrop.

Another example of specular contrast light.

Perfect warm toneing with diffused filter lighting.

Capturing sun's angle for perfect chest detail.

More good contrast lighting, with black background.

Improptu outdoor pose, accented with slight lamp pole illiumination after dusk.

Different times of day, for lighter and darker effects at window.

Supreme masculine symbols, the erection; contrasting blend of interior with glimpse
of bay outside...
...and standard indoor pose by flash.

Taking dark backdrop contrast about as far as possible.

Contrast, with interesting inclusion of mirror on floor.

 Light solely from window louvres.

 Overcast day, left, with youth's bare chest for contrast; right, virtually none.

 Stunning primary light at dawn filling into darkened bedroom.

 Great shadow detail, with just clear enough masculine detailing.

 Another dawn shot, utilizing ususual and athletic pose.

 Photolamp in foreground, and light filtering through background screen for effect.

 Intense contrast isolates wrestlers above, and adds suggestion.

 Daylight, with diffusion filter with boy at stream, plus warmish greenish toning.

 Intense contrast gives character to superfluous prop---plus penis profile.

Eternally popular lovers, in stunning simplicity and contrast diffused lighting.